Saturday, September 17, 2011

Consider Including Others

     Some time ago I sent this letter to Pastor Scott of  TV fame. I just found it again so I am sharing it because I think the Idea is important.

Pastor Scott

I watched your message about the "Christ-Centered Life" several days ago. I got a lot out of it. At the end of the message you talked about the gifts God gives us to carry on His work. You imply that some are ready to serve and some are not. Some people come to church asking to serve out of less than pure motives. I agree with the basic facts, but I disagree with the way God wants us to handle these people. I believe he wants us to give them a chance to help in a way that does not endanger the church or its followers, but puts some responsibility on them. Many people will rise to the occasion if we expect something of them. I belong to a worship group that allows and welcomes all. We learn to work with the retarded, ex-addicts, the poor and anybody who wishes to attend.

Stating the battle between good and evil in the way you did just troubles people for no reason. By God's grace, we have already won the battle because we have no need to be sinless and 100% perfect. We can and should always work toward perfecting ourselves. However, worrying about the topic and endlessly struggling with it in our minds wastes time and energy that could be used to help other people on their terms.

So many people are homeless and need feeding and trips to the doctor or other basic services, that we could all spend our whole lives in service to others in Christ's name. Just short trips to shut-ins could fill a person's life. Let us enjoy being saved and enjoy serving others.

                                                                                             Just Me
PS I have included an article by Rev. Henry Idema supporting my ideas.

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