Monday, May 26, 2014

3D World june 2014

3 D World June 2014

Comments on this issue:

Inside cover ad for

A good education at a community college including art history and art appreciation would be a good idea before spending money on a specialized school. Some work in the Theater arts would be helpful for developing a sense of timing and character building.

My 2 cents:

Ads and public service announcements could be a way to get noticed and to make some money for new equipment. CG characters could be added into live action or added over a live background to save time and money.


The rebus farm ad says they will do final rendering for four cents per gigahertz or in other words you can have 100 computers doing your rendering for $16 per hour. That does not sound like a bad price. 10 hours = $160 for an ad or other project. That could work.

Tutorials on creating dinosaur model skin textures and muscle details.

Also "Maya 2015: Hands on", and "Mudbox workflow".

Some mention of 3D printing brings up the idea that files used for 3D CG video could be transferred to a format that could be 3D printed and used for promotion purposes or sold as toys.