Saturday, August 06, 2011

Boaters unhappy in Grand Haven

This is what someone wrote on the internet recently. I found it about a week ago. It is not that one person felt this way but a dozen other people had the same experiance and said so in their comments. Others may not have wanted to enter a comment or may have thought they did not need to repeat the ideas already expressed by others. Make of it what you will.

Grand Haven, MI-Boaters not welcome!
While staying at the City Marina this weekend we have been able to watch Grand haven's finest. No less then 2 Sheriff boats and one Coast Guard boat with 5 Coastie's on board doing patrol! They have been pulling boats over for "safety checks" and writing tickets for what ever they can.

They pull a boat over and then immediately pull the next one over at a rate of at least 6-7 boats an hour! These boaters are doing no wrong when being pulled over either.

This is the same thing the city did years ago with cars on the strip. People from all over came to GH to cruise in their car for a huge rolling car show on Friday and Saturday night. There was no drug trouble, no drunk drivers, no fights, and no burnouts. It was good clean fun but the GH officers had run them right out writing tickets for anything they could. I watched a person get 5 tickets when he appeared to be doing nothing wrong. Loose license plate being one of them.

Is it just me that thinks this revenue collection getting out of control?

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